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Friday, May 17, 2024

It was just one singular sentence from Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew, that was able to elicit a loud and sustained round of applause on Friday, May 10 in Carberry. But it was a sentence that the people of the community have wanted to hear for over eight months, “We’re here to announce the reopening of the Carberry Emergency Department.”

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Swatting flies with a sledge hammer

My first encounter with a government edict to eradicate something was in 1971 in my first year as an Ag-rep with the Manitoba Department of Agriculture (MDA). The enemy to be eradicated in 1971 was an old one, Leafy Spurge. I say an old one because, Leafy Spurge was introduced to Canada in the early 1800s coming into the country as a contaminant in imported seed.

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